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Nail Free Sealant Glue

Nail Free Sealant Glue

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No More Nails, All the Strength

Bid farewell to traditional methods. NailFree Glue offers exceptional bonding strength, allowing you to securely stick anything in place, from decor to functional items.

Effortless Installation 

Say hello to simplicity. Installing and removing items becomes a breeze with NailFree Glue. 

Unmatched Adhesion, Up to 120kg

Trust in its robustness. NailFree Glue boasts remarkable adhesiveness that can bear weights of up to 120kg, providing you with the confidence to hang even heavy items securely.

Water Resistant

Say goodbye to worries about water exposure. NailFree Glue's water-resistant formula ensures your items stay securely in place, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

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