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Waterproof Gap Filler for Tiles

Waterproof Gap Filler for Tiles

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Introducing the Ultimate Tiles Gap Filler - Your DIY Solution for Perfect Sealing!

🏠 Say goodbye to unsightly cracks in your home! 🏠

Fill, Fix & Seal your tiles in seconds with this easy Tile Gap Filler. 

This revolutionary tile filler allows you to quickly fill and seal your expensive tiles with a trust-worthy, high-quality, & waterproofing seal. 

✅ Durable and Powerful Adhesion - No more constant repairs!

Discover the power of our Tiles Gap Filler Waterproof - the ultimate handy tool for any home. With just a simple shake, you can fill in those stubborn gaps and achieve flawless sealing solutionsg. 

Versatile and Multipurpose - The possibilities are endless! Whether it's bathtub tiles, bathroom toilets, balcony sinks, or corridor tiles, our Tiles Gap Filler is your go-to solution.


✨ Transform your home with our Tiles Gap Filler - the ideal DIY solution for perfect sealing! ✨


    • Clean the tile thoroughly and remove the moisture thoroughly.
    • shake the container for 20 seconds to prepare the mix for use.
    • Place the nozzle of the bottle between the tile gaps and gently press the container to draw along the line between the tile.
    • Lightly scrape with a sponge to even the coat & remove excess material.
    • Dry until the tile reform coating is completely firm. (5~6 hours depending on environment)
    • Refrain from cleaning the treated area with warm/hot water for 1 to 2 days.


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